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Trademark Free Notice For has no knowledge of whether any content on this page violates any third party intellectual property rights. will make reasonable efforts to remove any content reasonably objected to by the Owner of a pre-existing trademark. If you have a trademark issue, please contact using out support [@] or use our contact page.

Waiver in the Event of Dispute. Because we offer domains for sale from large portfolio’s, third party owners and owner’s in many countries around the world with trademarks possibly in many countries and different languages etcetera, we do not check to see whether the domain name you place an offer on to register infringes the legal rights of others. We urge you to investigate to see whether the domain name you make an offer on infringes on legal rights of others. We will not investigate any trademark claim nor provide you with any notice that we have received such a claim from any third party.

You should seek one or more opinions from competent trademark attorney/trademark lawyer in connection with any domain name on which you place an offer to purchase. You agree to assume all responsibility in selecting a domain name to place an offer and or purchase. Should we be sued or threatened with a lawsuit in connection with any domain name and/or any other of our services, we will turn to you to hold us harmless and indemnify us pursuant to the Indemnification provision of this agreement. Similarly, you recognize that we have no responsibility to determine whether domain names acquired by others through our site infringe your own rights in trademarks or domain names, and you agree to release from any legal claims asserting such a responsibility.

We will not participate in any way in any dispute between you and any party other than us regarding the registration and use of your domain name, and/or services. You will not name us as a party or otherwise include us in any such proceeding. In the event that we are named as a party in any such proceeding, we reserve the right to raise any and all defences deemed appropriate, and to take any other action necessary to defend ourselves.

Should you fail to substantially prevail in any lawsuit brought against, we will be entitled to recover its reasonable attorneys’ fees and costs from you.