Appraisal & Valuation

Premium Domain Name Appraisal Services & Domain Valuations

 Professional Domain Appraisals

When Valuating a premium domain name, we go beyond the conventional metrics and the obvious factors such as the length of the domain name, the type of extension, keywords, popularity and traffic.

Assessing the value of a domain name, being that the appraisal stage is the basis of both the domain buying and selling processes. 

Even though domains value is purely speculative, our advanced appraisal process is different, we look at market value and analysis, comparable recently sold domains, history sales of similar domains, domain age, trademark screening, SEO statistics, search volume, competition, and CPC.  

We will then give you a comprehensive appraisal and authentic assessment of the market and the potential of your domain, as well as any possible challenges we believe could have an influence on the sale. 

Appraisal & Valuation Factors to Determine Domain Worth

  1. Relevant Keywords 
  2. Keywords Popularity 
  3. Domain Extension / TLDs
  4. Market Conditions & Trends
  5. Organic Traffic Statistics
  6. Brandability & Marketability
  7. Age, History & Previous Usage 
  8. Recent Sales & Comparables
  9. Number Of Characters " Domain Length "
  10. SEO, (CPC), Backlinks & Commercial Interest

Domain Name Valuation

Name Ahead Domain name appraisal experts calculate the value based on various statistics, metrics, keywords, rankings and the recent sales of similar domains. For just $199.00 per domain name our scientifically supported domain appraisal will calculate a domain's value accurately and economically. Please call to order a domain appraisal.